Unity 3D Game Server Mod


  • RocketMod turns 3 years old this month.

    When I started with RocketMod, initially to have my own modded server network, i couldn't imagine the community would have turned out that great.

    With over 150 plugins that have been published to the repository, a few hundred more being sold by plugin developers the community still chooses Unturned RocketMod over any other framework - or Vanilla.

    Looking at the server lists a few thousand server owners (85% of all Unturned servers) have RocketMod installed on their servers, granting them the ability to customize every bit to their need.

    Soon we will be releasing the 5th major version of RocketMod, with exciting new functionality and extensibility.

    I am seeing forward to having you all around for another three years.

    You rock! Stay unturned :D

    Developer and server owner related appendix

    In the last weeks we have moved our plugin repository to a build agent on windows, allowing latest C# features and plugins compiled by Roslyn.

    With this change