RocketMod was published by Sven at the end of December 2014.
In the late Summer of 2014 Kunii had developed a tool that would patch Unturned 3 to inject custom logic into the game.
Sven joined Kunii in an attempt to create a common API to simplify work for modification developers and introduced a plugin system.
When he realised that the required changes were not longer just a contribution to his kLoader but a new project he created the first version of the framework later known as RocketMod.
Kunii joined the project as maintainer but left it later because of a lack of time for it.

Later in 2015 the first major revamp was done. API and implementation were split. A plugin repository was created and the builds were automated.
From that day on we had a greater goal in mind, a universal plugin API that would make it possible to write plugins for multiple games.
Nelson Sexton, developer of Unturned 3, started integrating RocketMod into Unturned later that year – allowing the use of RocketMod without having to patch any assemblies.

In early Summer 2018 RocketMod was completely rewritten from scratch in an attempt to face issues we encountered with dependencies between plugins. Developers wanted to be able to quickly switch out components in RocketMod. With the rework Enes joined the team as maintainer, supporting in the implementation of API definitions, Sven had gathered over the years.




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Special Thanks

  • Nelson Sexton (SDGNelson) – Breaking Rocket now and then
  • Big J – He had an idea
  • Gray, MasterCreate66, Trivera – Initial Tester