Changelog & Announcements: Rocket

Hello fellow RocketMod users.

You want to know how to install the new RocketMod for Unturned? Watch this!

This is an important message to plugin developers, please take the time to read this.

Upcoming feature in Unturned:
In the next version Nelson will release this friday the first bits for client modding will be included.
In the future developers might create their own item logic, UI elements ect - RocketMod will play the role as a mediator - helping you "connect" clientmods to existing RocketMod plugins.

No longer shipping Assembly-CSharp.dll & different installation for RocketMod
Starting next friday RocketMod will no longer ship with a patched Assembly-CSharp - instead it will come as Unturned module.
In the future - deploying Rocket.Unturned is as easy as replacing the folder inside of "Modules" in the Unturned root.

Rocket for Unturned

Build: #1157

for Unturned

Build: #854

for Unturned