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  • Fr34kyn01535,
    Why did you ban me from your discord? I did not break any rules. I was simply going to ask where to get a api key because is down! Please do not randomly ban me from the forum too!
  • What is the privilege of Gold Sponsor?
    • Supporting RocketMod and paying for the upkeep of RocketMod
    • Oh and you get put on the sponsor list
  • Hello, after latest rocket mod update some server permissions does not work. Please fix it as soon as possible.
  • Hello, what is the plugins you are selling?
  • can u plzzz make rocket for mac because i own a popular rp server without rocket and its anoying to have to teleport everyone and people are getting anoyed. Its called DANKS Rp No Kos
  • Hello. In advance I apologize for my English because I from Russia and now use google the translator.
    I have such problem when players under 20-23 on the server, one more comes and all kikatsya instantly. On VDS two servers, on 24 slots consist. server resources: 4 core 3.5Ghz Intel Xeon 4Gb DDR4 RAM. Statistics from a task manager: in case of фулл online on two servers (48 players) cpu of 60% at most, and RAM isn't higher than 70%. But sometimes when the player or will come, or somebody will accept a request for tpa that sharply a frieze for a couple of minutes, and kikat all. WHAT to DO???? HELP PLEASE!!!
  • Hello, how it is possible to unbanning? Yes, I used to play with cheats my nickname in the game was Glazing. I played for a long time. But I realized that I got to play in an honest way. Can I get unbanning? I'm not going to play with cheats.
    • Bans are bans, and they are permanent... Cheating in any sort of way will get you banned permanently without the chance of an unban. If you really want to play again, do like every single other cheater: get an alt account and play from there. Also, if you want this to be a discussion, you could maybe make a post instead of have it all in a profile's wall.
  • Oh and could you make another tutorial it would be gladly appreciated.
  • Hey, sorry I am new. But I was wondering if you have to make it in c# or could you make it in c++? Are the modules cross-language so to speak? Thanks in advanced liked your tutorial.
  • Can I use the Delphi programming language to write a plugin?
  • Hey can you help me? my rocket is not working, for more info check my forum post.
    • Nope
    • so luckely sharkbound on discord helped me, easy fix it took under 1 minute, probs to him. 10/10 support for him.
  • Hey fr34kyn01535! I have a question. If someone edits rocket.api, rocket.unturned.player and stuff, will it still show on "Rocket" unturned server browsing menu?
    • What?
    • If i get rocket's dlls, uncompile them, change UnturnedPlayer class, compile it back again, use on my server, will it still show up on Unturned Server Browsing as Server with rocket?
    • Yes.
    • Ok thanks bae <3