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Can someone pls assist a coding noob

Mon Aug 22, 2016 7:10 pm

I have teamspeak skype you name it.. I just really need someone to walk me through my server that I want rocket commands on....
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Re: Can someone pls assist a coding noob

Mon Aug 22, 2016 10:34 pm

Do you need help with coding.. or just help with setting up a server ... both very different things..

I assume just setting up a server ;).. if so there is some documentation around here someplace

But if your just making a server in Windows... simple

Download rocket.. put it in a folder someplace..
inside the scripts folder run Start.Bat

It'l download SteamCMD and Unturned into that folder

Once its finished run Start.Bat again
Close down Both windows that open
have a look at that folder you put Rocket into and you'l See an Unturned folder
inside that you will see Servers folder and inside that one will be My First Server (or something similar)
go into that one then into the Server folder and edit Commands.Dat add what you need there..

an example of where my Commands.dat file is located
C:\Users\ljimb\Desktop\Unturned Server\Unturned\Servers\LjMjollnir\Server

and this is what i have in my Commands.Dat

Code: Select all

Map Russia
MaxPlayers 24
Mode Normal
Log Y/Y/Y
Perspective Both
Name Some Random Server name goes here
Welcome Watch out for the Russian mafia
loadout 0/1176/3/2
loadout 1/1176/234/241
loadout 2/1176/223/224
loadout 3/1176/1171/1172
loadout 4/1176/242/243
loadout 5/1176/510/511
loadout 6/1176/2/407
loadout 7/1176/2/405
loadout 8/1176/230/231
loadout 9/1176/1156/1157
loadout 10/1176/311/312

Note alot of that is NOT required..
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