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Mon Dec 21, 2015 12:01 pm

How's it goin' people?

My name is Lee, my username alias is LeeIzaZombie which stands for "Lee is a Zombie", I decided upon that name because I kind of only play games with zombies in them. :lol:

I'm from Ireland... pure Irish lad so I am, if you got a problem with that I'll fight ye' 8-)

I'm 19 years old and I was studying Software design in college last year... but college fee's are a bit costly so I dropped out. Earnin' bit of bob (money) every week anyways and hopefully then I can afford some higher education! I want to be a game developer or at least software developer, so here I am spending my spare time messin' around on Rocket Mod for Unturned while slowly improving my skills of programming, huge thanks to fr34kyn01535 for this amazing mod and for his support!

I will be designing plugins for the community regularly and keeping them up to date! If you need help with anything or even make an offer for your own private plugin, I'm your man! Feel free to send me donations for my work on plugins, I swear I won't spend it on alcohol. 8-)
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